Loutraki Thermal Spa

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A unique experience to rejuvenate body and mind as well as relaxation and welfare with body and face treatments.

Mount Geraneia

More than 950 different plants have been recorded in Geraneia, some of which are extremely rare. The fauna includes jackals, foxes, hares and hawks.

The area is a part of the Natura 2000 project.

Heraion Lake and Melagkavi Lighthouse

An area with a great archaelogical site with the Temple of Hera dominating.

The lighthouse that lights the ships that sail the Corinthian Gulf is also located there.

20 minutes from the City.


The capital of the county.

There you will find a lot of shops along the pedestrian area, and as well as everything that comes with a big city.


An important archαeological site, only 20 minutes from the City.

You can visit the ancient Corinth, an area that was considered to be the richest in Ancient Greece.


Only 40 minutes from Loutraki. A trasure of culture and history and a proof of the thrive of Ancient Greece.

Even now Epidaurus is a culture center, hosting multiple theatrical performances every summer.

Nature & Beaches

Loutraki is an ideal vacations destination, considering the climate conditions, with humidity absence and bright sunshine.

The crystal clear waters and the beaches in Loutraki have repeatedly been awarded with the "Blue Flag" since 1987.